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Infamous reddit story of someone describing how their family has a knife to break up poops so it doesn't clog the toilet. They said this as if it was totally normal. Another weird part of the story is the poop knife was not stored in the bathroom but in a communal area like a mud room on a rack.


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Its generally respected and accepted in its more modern renditions as its changed a bit over time.

Criticisms come from the fact that social relationships are complex. Some criticisms are sort of misunderstanding what the theory even says to begin with or is misrepresenting what it says.

Is it 100% correct? Probably not and I dont know of any psychology theory that is.


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For me, I think part of the appreciation is even just recognizing that I put effort into something. It doesn't necessarily need to be a compliment. I really hate needing to remind a partner about things I've done for "us" in a relationship when they claim to be doing all the work. I dont want to have to keep score of who has done what to begin with and when they claim to be doing all the work, that's when I'm pushed away since clearly this means they haven't seen or appreciate things I've done.


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I've found a lot of materials relating to insecure attachment styles are more harsh on avoidant attachment for some reason. It's very odd considering they're meant to educate or help and it's portraying other styles as less of a problem that doesn't hurt others around them.


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I haven't seen the original in its entirety honestly. It wasn't exactly the easiest thing to find when I was looking for it. I do however know how Roger Corman movies tend to work lol. Even when they're terrible its kind of fun to watch.


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You're right but also oversimplying the problem a lot of people have. No amount of science, research and nutrition knowledge is going to help you if your problem with food is how you relate to it. Food isn't just food to people. It requires extra steps and maybe even therapy.

I'm not someone who feels things like guilt for eating certain things. I dont feel that I'm good or bad depending on what I ate. For the people that do, changing their diet is more difficult because they have this other mental component. Emotional eaters aren't going to logic their way into health without also dealing with the emotional aspect.


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Yeah but changing the way you think about and relate to food is actual work and hard. Doing some crazy fad diet to see results quickly is easy. It's a short term "punishment."

Most people realize they need to move more and eat healthier. So they do that. Then there's a percentage of people who have weird relationships with food. That's a lot to unpack and they may not even realize that's the root of the problem. Applying moral good/bad to food instead of just viewing it as food is an example of that.

I'd argue fad diets are never the way to go. Most people gain the weight back plus some. Then they feel shame and guilt. Some fad diets are promoting disordered eating. Some are flat out miserable even if they work, but no one will do it long term.