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I used to live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan back in the 70's when cops started giving starlight tours on a regular basis. I knew a couple guys who survived those.

Cops have always been, and always will be, assholes who've been taught they can do no wrong.


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If they had no idea that individual cities, provinces, states or countries had rules against Airbnbs I might agree with you. But since rules have been in place (in some locations) for years I'd say they actively ignored them to make the most profit and only decided to do it now because of the liability issues.

And I hope every one of the families sues their gold-plated socks off.


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All true. There's also a fair chance at least some of this sting was based on Nenshi being Muslim and Brown too. If he'd been "caught" it would've fed the racist beast that consumes Canadian conservatives rn.

I can't help but be proud of Nenshi and his moral code. Too bad every politician didn't look to him for inspiration.