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> I think its the « final » salary if that make sense? So this 4300 is the salary i will get. But just to know: if its not the case, what does that mean? Because im not 1000% sure

Ask your employer “is €4.300 the pre-tax or post-tax salary?” and use that specific language and have them be specific with the phrasing, too.

Pre-tax, that is not great, you’ll def have roommates and be conservative with your budget. Post-tax, you’ll do great. There’s a huge difference.


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> why is this terrible?

tell me you’ve never found an iPhone on a bench in the morning near the basketball courts without telling me you’ve never found an iPhone on a bench in the morning near the basketball courts


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> Lowering the basement to increase ceiling height and usable space, turn it into a two-bedroom.

A dig out? Idk the proper way to do but I’d be looking into it to make sure you protect yourself (and your neighbors) in case god forbid the foundation or party walls are damaged during the process.

Idk what your plans are to do when the walls are open but think of everything. Run the cat cables you’ve always dreamed of.


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Residents likely kept it out. The US hasn’t built public housing (eg Sursum Corda) in decades except for some privately financed developments (and have a lot of variation). In theory, households could use vouchers to rent units in Georgetown but I am going to guess the lease-up rate for vouchers is quite low there.


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> Conversely, what's it like living in the city itself?

Old Town (assuming you mean Alexandria in Virginia), Hyattsville, Hollywood (I assume you mean southern Maryland, and Marshall Heights/Capitol Heights are all very different places, all except Old Town are kinda boring themselves (and Hollywood is like two hours away).


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> I’d like to ask for about 5k more than the max which would match my current salary in the private sector.

I assume this means that with a certain grade, the pay for the max step is $5,000 below your current salary. Whether you can get the max step is office dependent but there is no mechanism to go above the max step except for maybe a hiring bonus (and if the advertisement doesn’t mention a hiring bonus, there isn’t one). You can provide pay stubs to ask for the max bonus, a couple should suffice, and it depends on office if they consider things like bonus or commission (no idea if that applies to you). If they counter and say “this is the best we got” (whether that changes or not), that’s what they can do, and since you’re mid-level, they’ll probably just go to the next candidate after that.


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> I’m one of few employees, so I wouldn’t be taking away a spot from anyone who needed it more, since I am not a DC resident and don’t have the option to bike or walk.

There’s a finite amount of curb space and you don’t live there so this line of reasoning doesn’t make sense. Tell your employer to provide transit benefits.