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I remember it being heavily advertised in magazines that appealed to teen girls. One magazine even ran a contest (can't remember the specifics of the contest) and the prize was Nirvana playing at your school.


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To add to this we can tell on lab tests if it's chronic or acute anemia through red cell morphology. A slower chronic condition genetally results in red cells smaller than average size with less hemoglobin (microscopic hypochromic) where in an acute bleed situation the cells are normal sized and filled properly, just not enough of them. We can also tell how hard the bone marrow is working to replace cells by the presence and number of nucleated or immature rbcs.

I know you didn't ask, but I don't get to nerd out about this stuff often and I find it fascinating.


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We had a early 90s with a straight 6 that made it over 400k and only died because we forgot to check the antifreeze mix before it sat for a winter and the block cracked. Then we had a mid 00s that had consrant electrical gremilns. Hated that second jeep. I'd say a little prayer each time I turned the key