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I know of exactly zero cases where shift workers or salary workers have been laid off.

Nearly all recent "job losses" have been for part time gig precariat workers who were doing poverty level side hustles. Examples: doing generic copy writing, resumes, etc on Fiverr.

I don't predict there will be layoffs for shift worker or salary workers anytime soon. What is more likely to happen is a hiring freeze. Existing workers will do more with less.


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I expect some things to be cheaper like car ownership. I'm hoping other medical breakthroughs happen that put off aging or catch things like cancer. I do think unemployment will become very bad in the near term (10 years). Beyond that it's UBI or societal collapse. If UBI is released at any point and is substantial enough I'll likely quit my job and just watch the latest VR porn.


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It really makes me depressed when I hear literally the same advice for multiple decades and people default to a just-world theory and think everything is within someone's power. I'm not harming anyone. Why can't you be happy for someone who says they'll get their romantic needs met through artificial means? How would you like it if you failed at something for decades and kept getting the exact same advice ad nauseam, which has never worked for you. Are you willing to accept that some people are going to fall through the cracks? I am and you're not and yet I'm the one who has to deal with the problem. The only reason people give these trite pieces of advice is because of their own psychological distress. If you admit that someone else is lonely through no fault of their own then you also have to admit that it can happen to you - and that is terrifying. Or you have to admit that you're a contributing factor to their loneliness.


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Don't care about level 1 since I can't fuck it.

Level 2 or 3 - a lot because of sex/intimacy. To put things in perspective, I like to have sex every day. A high quality very hot escort in my area cost over 1k per hour or more. And this isn't even bareback (which even most high end escorts won't do). Assuming I want to have sex once a day, every day of the year, then that's $365k/yr.

So even if a sex robot cost $365k, this would more affordable past 1 year. Of course I would be more reluctant if it's delicate and will break down quickly. It would need to last at least 5-10 years.

At $100 - $150k I'd be a lot more willing to experiment on a first gen with an unpredictable length of longevity.

I'd rather live in a shitty studio apartment with a supermodel sex bot than a mansion all alone.


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To be honest I don't think any of the above was ever ground shaking. Facebook is just a website (not sure why anyone ever called it anything else). The biggest day to day change in my life was getting netflix so I didn't need to drive to the video store anymore. But that's hardly revolutionary. I suspect between 2023 and 2033 we'll start to see significant labor displacement. I also suspect porn/vr will have an interesting impact on the dating market.


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Wondering if you've heard of Peter Zeihan. In particular you can see his book "The End of the World Is Just the Beginning: Mapping the Collapse of Globalization". He is personally in favor of globalism but he does believe globalism is going away. Some of his reasons why include:

- The US navy no longer has the class of ships to ensure global policing in international waterways. This requires about 700 destroyers and we have about 60ish.

- With the absence of the US navy policing international waters, piracy will increase, which will make long supply chains unstable.

- A majority of countries that participated in globalization by supplying cheap labor essentially had a generational surplus of agrarian labor that moved into cities. This same generation did not have children at replacement levels. Most of these countries are in demographic collapse. China is the best example of this. So essentially they had a one time advantageous ticket to spend and its been spent.

- The United States is natural powerhouse in manufacturing and can produce many things cheaper than many other countries. The only reason manufacturing hasn't entirely returned is due to the sunken cost in other countries.


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>I don't understand why this is so contentious, it's not like the people falling in love with AI are going to be missed from the sexual market. They're getting cause and effect backwards here.

This. A large (growing) segment of people are treated like human wallpaper. They are invisible to everyone. If they die nobody will ever know they were even here. They have not existed on anyones radar for decades. Yet suddenly there's a concern that these same people are giving up a life time of casonova dating opportunities?


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If you can confirm that you're ugly and single and plan to be single for the rest of your life then I'll consider your advice valid because it's your personal solution from real life experience. However I have no interest in getting advice from people who are attractive and who have a partner.


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You must be a handsome man who enjoys laughing at people like me who don't go to parties. You put "Dad" in your name to passively brag about your genetics going on. I've never been invited to a party in my life because I'm disgusting to look at. Have an enjoyable evening with people who find you attractive. I bet you're exhausted because you've had lots of children as a result of your visual genetics being hyper desired.


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I think it's important to distinguish between novel beauty and just novelty. The best foods of every country have stood the test of time to generally be considered things that most people don't consider "disgusting". In other words people don't mind trying new foods when they get bored of old foods. But nobody likes eating rotten food. A thin African model and a thin Swedish model will have more in common than not compared to either an ugly African or an ugly Swedish.


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You don't need to tell me the title of the story. But in the story are there any situations where the tables are turned? For example an attractive person who no longer is showered with attention? Or an ugly person who finally gets to blend in and make romantic friends instead of living in isolation?