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> Maybe Logan Moore should do a cursory search before posting articles.

Article hardly needed to be written in the first place. According to the Steam Hardware Survey (which runs on a sort of delay from how rarely they get sent out, so the number is likely even lower) this makes up 1.79% of Steam users.

This will not affect the vast, vast, vast majority of gamers.


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I mean, everyone knows what Chik Fil A is, but I don't really think it's famous for its controversies? Like, I'm not going over there and saying "oh this sandwich is ass but at least they hate the gays." That's not really a viable business model nor a stance I fundamentally agree with in the slightest.

In my experience, Chik Fil A has an annoyingly superior level of food consistency and customer service than a lot of other fast food chains, and are quite prolific to boot, at least in my region. Employees never seem like they hate their lives versus when I visit somewhere like Burger King, the ordering process has been super streamlined, the loyalty system is pretty good, etc.

They'd probably still be my favorite chicken restaurant if I wasn't bitter about the pointless LGBT hate.


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I agree, much better idea to focus on accident statistics regarding the commute that we now know is completely unnecessary.

The thing about a world-changing global pandemic is that everyone has a little more context about what is actually important.


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Why? I mean fundamentally, sure, but why are you entering anything into an AI chatbot that you wouldn't want its creator to have? How do they guarantee the AI is properly generating those data reports without making sure it actually understands what is being said? What makes this a big deal?

This seems like a non-issue and a non-story to me. Security fears? Stop typing important shit into it.


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I didn't use either of those but tbh Thunderbird was pretty easy to understand right up until I realized I had no reason to use it. Transferred from my ISP-provided email to Gmail and most of my email is phone-convenient, anything that needs to be done on desktop I can get to by just typing "gmail" into my browser and clicking the first link.


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Yeah, there's lots of things they don't have, like a fanbase that doesn't act like toxic vegans in some join-or-die cult, or software engineers that can figure out basic luxury features like Always-On Display in a reasonable timeframe.

The complete non-hassle of having to buy my phone from literally anywhere other than a carrier is really, really worth not owning an iPhone in my eyes. Can't imagine getting bullied by my phone manufacturer for having friends that don't have iPhones, I left middleschool and that level of behavior a long time ago.


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I'm doing a sort of flipside to this. I have to write a big-effort research paper over the course of the semester, but the prompt is extremely open-ended and I don't really know where to go with it. I've got until Feb 1st to figure out something interesting to write about, and as a last ditch, I'm probably just gonna ask ChatGPT to give me a list of prompts. CGPT has an "issue" where it will effectively just make things up because there's no problem solving underneath to actually check if its statements are accurate, but it's great for inspiration.


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The fucking thing couldn't even consistently send me notifications when my Samsung washer was finished running. Let alone anything I've asked it to do in the first months of owning a Galaxy watch before giving up on it entirely because it's a useless POS and the means of setting up Alexa and Google on it instead are far too convoluted. Fortunately, even Samsung has given up on it and their watches now include Google Assistant.


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Doesn't matter how much cheaper it is when it takes 2-3 "[x] is not on Netflix" messages in the search before actually being able to find something to watch because their third-party content is gone and I can't get invested in any of their first-party content because they have a long-documented history of killing shows after 2 seasons.