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Mid 30s Pittsburgh transplant here. I agree with what most people are saying. Food scene is incredible. Crime in Providence is definitely higher than the suburbs of Pittsburgh but I think Cranston or Bristol would be comparable to North Hills (I’m originally from the South Hills if that matters). I lived in Providence for over 11 years and only had my car rifled through once (nothing taken but also nothing of value was in there). No packages taken either. Your car insurance will go up because the drivers are terrible. Everything is so close, it’s nice to be able to get into Providence in 20 mins from the suburbs vs 40 or more to Pittsburgh from the suburbs. Weather is usually snowier in the winter but similar otherwise and so much more sun which is one of my favorite things. Feel free to DM if you have more specific questions!


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The Providence Artisans Holiday preview market is at Waterfire Arts center today. Also the PVD Flea at Farm fresh which besides the flea vendors has a lot of great businesses inside (beer, coffee).