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Consider using a post title such as "Need a yellow bumblebee Camaro for a kids bday party" so someone who has one might stop scrolling past a post about transformers. Just some honest advice. Not trying to bash you or anything.


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"Sports Business Journal reported the Pirates deal in Pittsburgh as one that is especially advantageous to the team, bringing in an average of $60 million per year from its local media deal."

Especially advantageous? Of course it is. Fuck Nutting. If the Penguins weren't on the same channel I would have cut the cord long ago.

My wish is that when this situation is sorted out I'll be able to drop the Pirates channel and keep the Pens channel. Or at LEAST that it has some negative impact on Nutting.


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Thank you for that resource. I wonder how they tabulate what tips the scale one way or another to decide landlord or tenant friendly. Like is there more weight given to certain aspects?

I get what you are saying about things needing to go to court. But some bad tenants have also helped to create that situation. Like "I'm not paying rent because the light in my oven is out." It doesn't affect the habitability. Then it takes about 90 days of not paying rent to get an order for possession.

I also understand that landlords generally have better resources and experience when going to court, so I agree with you in that aspect.


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Honest question: Why do you say PA is landlord-favoring? Most often, people don't read their leases and then complain that the justice system is in favor of landlords when they're held to the terms of the lease they signed.

I'm not defending what is happening in OP's situation one bit. Just asking what particularly makes PA landlord-favoring.


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Your radiator could be working properly, but the controls are screwed up. There are a lot of hot water systems like yours that operate on a "reset" schedule. What that means is that the radiator water temperature is set based on outdoor temperature on an inverse scale. So if it's 55 degrees outside, the radiator might get 120 degree water and feel warm. As the outdoor temperature drops, the radiator water temperature is raised. So it might not get to full temperature until it's 30 degrees outside.

This is done to save energy. Without the reset controller, the water is kept at the highest setting and tenants have to open windows to cool off on a warm winter day. That's obviously a huge waste of energy. But if you're not able to get your space to a liveable temperature, then adjustments can be made.