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pretty much yeah, or if you have an orthodontist, they can refer too.

you're looking for a maxillofacial surgeon. it is an intense surgery. in our case she had her upper jaw bone broken into three and rearranged with metal plates, her bottom jaw in two.

and recovery is not easy. it's been a month on a liquid diet, and now soft foods.

but pretty much everyone who's done it is really glad they did. check out /r/jawsurgery


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you might need jaw surgery. my partner just had it and it increased her airway by 100%

what's happening is that (due to using pacifiers as babies, softer processed food diets and a few other things) modern jaws are frequently malformed in their growth in a way that makes the airway constricted.

so you could be thin, healthy and fit, but because of a malformed jaw, your airway just isn't big enough for you to breathe as comfortably as you should, and this is exacerbated when you're sleeping.