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As usual redditors miss the point of research into what they perceive as "common sense" hypotheses. Very often common sense turns out to be wrong, albeit not in this case. Studies like this are necessary to confirm what is predicted to be true and to measure just how strong the suspected association is. It's particularly important to accumulate such evidence considering there are powerful interests in sport that want to deny and minimize the association between concussions and worsened brain function or CTE.


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Psychopathy involves a lot more than just emotional detachment. Psychopaths display novelty seeking, deceptiveness, callousness, narcissism, Machiavellianism, promiscuity, glibness, remorselessness and impulsivity. It's a very common constellation of traits.


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Hemispherectomies are still performed today for intractable seizures, particularly in children. It's not an archaic medical practice. At the stage that the procedure is performed, there has usually already been a lot of brain damage to one side of the brain so the loss of function isn't as much as you'd think.