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My son went to daycare for like 3 weeks in his life because it cost as much as his dad was making at work. It sucked. We were always poor. I worked at a daycare, and even though I liked it, I made $10/hr. I was also working at the NH State Liquor stores making $13, so I left the daycare. That place is completely closed now.


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Ugh 😫 that's so intense. I used to work with an agency that contracted us to do some of VT DCF's work. It was a lot. I got burned out pretty quickly from just all the traumatic things happenings and the crazy politics. I do not miss the job.


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I've never bought maple syrup from either place, but don't really plan to. My son's grandfather makes maple syrup so we have had local stuff for years. We've been out for a while, and that guy has always hated me, but he really doesn't like thinking about my kid possibly eating any other kind. Lol


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Okay I guess I gotta say it. I know everyone is different, but I'm so mad at this woman. I gave birth to my son on December 26, 9 years ago. He was also 4lbs at birth. I was homeless for half of the time i was pregnant. I was a drug addict when I found out I was pregnant. I was also 26. I live in a small area, but I utilized EVERY MF RESOURCE I could find, and got housing, parenting classes, addiction treatment and counseling. Life has not been super easy, but I did everything I could for him. Right now, we're waiting for family to show up for his 9th birthday party, in a warm home, and I work for a recovery program. Yes, she needs help, but people can also express their opinion on this and I agree with them. I just hope that baby is okay.