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You're mistaking something having a definition by being axiomatic. Imaginary unit is a construct that's a consequence of first defining natural numbers using Peano's axioms and then (in layman's terms) further "creating" other, more complex structures based on your previous results.

I agree with your other statement - imaginary numbers are just an ordinary mathematical object and there's nothing special about them. I consider real numbers to be the really, really weird ones (transcendental numbers anyone?). Imaginary numbers are just a simple extension of that weirdness. And they are also very useful, so that's a big plus.


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Natural selection being a slow process is a myth. It can happen in just a generation - consider a global pandemic (I know - how original), killing 70 percent of the population. You only survive if your genes grant you immunity to the disease. Then bam, natural selection makes all the people in the next generation carry the same gene variant.