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This documentary is excellent! I have been working in restaurants for years, and I picked up so many tricks from watching this. For instance- you can drill out the jets in a gas stove to increase the gas flow… Or how about set a spatula over the burner- until it is red hot, then dust a pancake in sugar and use the red hot spatula to caramelize the sugar.


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Ben and Jerry’s is a world apart from the product I fell in love with in the 90’s. There used to be a BIG gob of whatever the ice cream was flavored with right in the center, when I was a kid I couldn’t finish a pint- now I could easily house 2- if I would allow it. I’m certain Unilever would use the cheapest possible ingredients- what surprises me, is that cow-free dairy will be one of those ingredients- so soon…


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I’ve hiked up as high on the rock as I could get, which was the top of that large base, right under the smaller base that the hat sits atop. I don’t think there is a route higher unless you use gear. This picture does not do the hat justice, that feature is huge. Fun fact, when Royal Robbins made the “first ascent” of this feature- in 1962, a name was found to be scratched into the top of the rock….