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Nice try.

Snopes says, "No valid reason exists to suppose that 'jimmies' carries a racist meaning or had a racially-charged origin. However, it's difficult to definitively disprove the claim because the term's entry into the English language is downright murky."

But it's such fun to feel superior by making invented claims of racism.


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I call them sprinkles.

One of the restaurant chains, I forget if it was Brigham's or Friendly's, said in their menus that it was because some mother made them for her son Jimmy's birthday. It never sounded plausible to me that the name would have spread from one party, and I suspect they printed the story only because it sounded cute.


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I have no idea what Footloose is or was, and I have no motivation to research it just to figure out what your point is there. But thanks for linking to the bill itself. Neither upvoting nor downvoting.

Figuring out what a bill like this says is complicated, with its negations of negations (typical of bills changing existing RSAs). As I read it, it would remove a protection from schools below the higher-education level, subjecting them more easily to obscenity charges. Given the current atmosphere of gratuitous obscenity claims, it's a bad bill.

Please, next time, don't assume people know all your cultural references.


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You've forgotten that under a rule invented by the courts, everything within a hundred miles of an international border or the seacoast is a "border zone." The entire state is in the border zone.

The CBP has used this to set up checkpoints all over the White Mountains and harass people. That's what Sununu is helping to fund, not just patrols in Pittsburg.


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Moonlite has been there for a long time. I once testified there against a proposed ordinance putting a nonsensical set of location restrictions on stores that sell videos that "constitute sexual conduct." The ordinance passed but the store evidently survived. The thought of a DVD being sexual conduct is weird.