gnartato t1_jcfxpen wrote

Cab drivers need to hold themselves accountable. They are the reason no one wants to take a cab.

Once a year or so I'll try one when uber/lyft isn't working out for whatever reason. It's either no card reader, we don't go there, or they intentionally miss exits or turns even though I remind them where to exit to pad the meter. And that's not counting them just being generally shitty attitudes at best, which is honestly a detergent enough in itself.


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Gigabit. Both are over 900Mb/s even during prime time. I'm sure the oversubscription ratio is quite low since A LOT of people I talk to only use Comcast.

Edit: also only $70 a month after auto payment and VZW discount, each being $10.


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Having a dog off leash should just be treated as aggravated assault. I know it sounds rash but think about it for a minute. It's never excusable, it's a direct risk to others, and the PPD will never enforce it. What's there to lose?

Edit: brandishing in PA is aggravates adult. Same thing. A dog can be deadly.

Edit2. Dog in article was not off leash. I assumed.


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Same reason any law isn't anymore, PPD are on strike. And this time they are putting our internation airport and all flights to/from at undue risk cause they are politically-driven lazybones.