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It is incredibly embarrassing and sad really how much of peoples lives are being wasted every day in traffic, how much frustration and accidents and pollution that causes, all because we can't manage to time some fucking lights properly. Literally they are all programmed so the way to hit them is by speeding.


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Insulation will pay for itself within a few years at most. You need to get it done ASAP. If you want to do it cheap as possible, hit me up.


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Lol I love how your brain chose MARC as the train, meanwhile MARC stock has the name plastered all over the side. Is that just the only rail based transport you're aware of in Baltimore?


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Um. Based on what logic? Walking around printing tickets is far more attractive of a profession than being a fucking cop in Baltimore.. not even danger aspect just because there is such hate (justifiably) for police here.

What they really need to do is put traffic/non-emergency services etc. under an entirely seperate authority.


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I highly doubt that's the primary reason. Men die at younger ages, largely due to greater risk-seeking behavior. I find it far more likely that the average man is engaged in more high risk activities than the average woman, and as such a psychopathic man who is extremely risk-seeking will not be as different to an average man than an extremely risk-seeking psychopathic female is to an average woman.

Psychopaths, male or female risk seeking score: 10

Typical female risk seeking score: 1

Typical male risk seeking score: 2

Numbers made up obviously.