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I use dish soap - usually Dawn - to remove grease, oils, makeup or anything made from grease or oils from my clothing.

In your case I would use a little on the actual spot, let it soak in, then just toss it in the wash with the rest of the load.


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I have to concentrate when listening to an audiobook so that I don't wander too far off the story.

I quite often listen while cleaning or gardening - both are things I can do without thinking. If I try to listen while doing more difficult (thinking) tasks like cooking or driving, I have a harder time keeping track of the stories.

That all said, I listen to almost exclusively fantasy books where small remarks can fill in holes or names can be confusing, so concentrating is important.


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Hahahahaha... OK.

My husband worked for them delivering pizzas in 1998 - no dominoes cars anywhere to be seen. One of the plazas I do work for as a maintenance company has a Dominoes - all the delivery drivers are driving personal cars - we talked about it because of their parking situation.....

Maybe in some big city in the USA they have cars, but here, in Ontario Canada (there are 13 Dominoes stores within the city limits) - I've never seen a Dominoes branded car - ever.


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I take the 2 sides and pull - shucked - then I rinse it under cool water while running the palm of my hand against it - silk gone - total work time; 20 seconds for perfectly shucked corn - sheesh people.


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I have 3 loadbearing (2x6) walls in my basement - one of which is against the foundation and holds half of my house up, while the foundation supports a cantilevered beam for a bump out.

Every single other wall in my entire house (except these load bearing walls in the basement) are 2x4's.

I'm just saying that most of the time, when you come across a 2x6 wall - it's load bearing. Since OP can't tell either way, it's better to be safe than sorry.