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This just isn't true. Yes, there are some horrible agricultural practices and messed up incentives around water use and crop production, but there is a reason California is a bread basket and a locus of agricultural research and development -- water can be moved economically, whereas sunlight, soil and climate can't.


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That's an asinine take. 40% of water use in California is agricultural and only 10% is urban (both indoor and outdoor). The other half of water use is environmental.

Water rights and water use incentives in agriculture are awful.


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I do what I can on my little bit of land in CA at the bottom of a hill to slow water down and help it infiltrate. Swales, basins, plantings, ridiculous amounts of mulch. But I get the drainage from 10 other properties above me where they're doing nothing but funnel their stormwater on (to me, and then down the mountain). I really wish they'd do this stuff... it would make my life a lot easier, and there's no way I really do anything on my own about literal hundreds of thousands of gallons per inch of rain moving through...