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Isnt it an established fact and not a myth that our fossil fuel reserve will be depleted in 48 years or so? We are leaving the 'fossil fuel ages' so its inevitable to transition into renewables.

I doubt i'll live long enough to witness this tipping point in human civilization but i imagine the air will be cleaner at least.


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Most of the countries already collaborated and came to an agreement for environmental solutions. There are international agencies that provide guidelines and urged all the nations to sign on international environmental agreements, each with critical issues to address.

Important two you should know are Montreal Protocol to address CFC effects on ozone layer and Kyoto Protocol to address issue of greenhouse gases and climate change.

Currently, we are said to be living with the climate change consequences rather than trying to prevent it years ago. Extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and changes to weather patterns. Last year, for e.g pakistan floods, big river dried up in China and France. Also at US river? With the dino footprints. We dont need these hypothetical scenarios when climate change threaten a country food security and costed billions in damages.

Its important to note that some country are more prone to the effects of climate change. So, when disaster struck, unprecedanted as it'll be, it will not change environmental stance of other country.

Edit: I failed to imply that we are already working together on this critical issue (except north korea) regardless of hypothetical scenarios op mentioned.


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moving goalpost? blatant dishonesty? pointless parameter? i want garbage?

Im going to be honest with you Im not even sure what are you implying here at this point. I was mostly joking when I commented and if its going to satisfied you, yeah, that was my first impression before i dived into the article. However, I dont see the need to edit my comment afterwards.

In medical setting, the term therapeutic use usually indicate that the drug was approved by a certified medical board. And the board will give the guideline for e.g indication of use. Its what i was implying at my first comment. The toad was simply something i add and poorly worded since i've been wondering if psychedelics can actually be of therapeutic use.

In this article, It indeed showing the promising potential for psychedelic with the findings and trials. Its not useable yet as its not board approved. not certified or added to guideline/medical literature. Why it matters? If a doctor prescribed a drug just from the all the findings and trials in this article when its not approved yet he can get sued for negligence, malpractice or even jail.


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Of course. I agree with you. Parts of Scientific method. Tried and true. Now i wonder if my comment implied it as otherwise. Well, i did put /s and a strikethrough so it shoudnt be taken seriously. Edit: ok i get it. It sound like a redditor trope that conclude just from a headline

Ever since i watched the video i linked, I realized psychedelics may have potential as a pharmacological agent. Perhaps for some psychological indication. However as studies and trials are ongoing, its still inconclusive. Unless im not aware if any psychedelic that was approved with proper indication for therapeutic use. (Edit: there is. Ketamine)

All the findings have shown how promising it is so far though. Never consumed it. Aware of the stigma. So im interested of the outcome. It might even be among the early drugs designed by an Ai.


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Npc engagement? Im thinking more of irl company engagement. Like joi (ana de armas) in blade runner 2049 or tars in Interstellar where we can prompt a tone up or down of its character.

With deepfakes and voice ai extensively in development, this should be possible soon. At least as virtual on-screen persona. Maybe even us as lonely elderlies might enjoy it as company.


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I'm not very familiar with therapeutic effects of psychedelics besides something like the toad oil alternative therapy. If they can come up with something practical for medical setting to allow recreational uses thats great.

Also, Isn't great that we can now let Ai do the researchs for us? Technically, we can stop being smart at some point in the future. /s


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Long before humanity achieved that, we would already invented something like a cybernetic brain implant. Detachable and non-influential to the user mental thought process (claimed by the company so it must be true)

Depending on what model you can afford, the features include:-

  • Scanning and mapping the user brain (worry not. it'll keep it a secret if you're a low processor/ram humans.)
  • Assisting a photographic memory using the mapped brain directories and online memory cloud service (replay that vivid memory if youre in the mood but she said no tonight)
  • Enable telepathic communications with other users (with spam protections and text only mode. Subscribe to privacy plan for airplane mode)
  • Understanding all languages including the extraterrastials without learning it (bet you can make more friends now)
  • Basic mental health monitoring to prevent any mental aberrations like the examples that you've suggested (now you can tell if yours is clinical or made-believe depression)
  • etc (visit the online store for more redundant features)

Basically a futurology smart phone. Defying aging is harder to achieved imo than actually inventing something so futuristic like this. (Too much time idling on reddit by the weekends to engage in posts like this.)


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Theres written exams and then practical exams. Afterwards a year of internships before you can get your license. To attend exams, 75% minimal attendance required consisting of various labs & postings that'll expose students with hands-on experiences with patients.

I don't see the issues with learning the theory part with chatgpt in the future. I can see it become boards certified one day, at least as an assisting tool.


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I looked up how did the AI passed medical exam and instead found a paper highlighting the AI potentials to assist teaching medicine instead. Quite recently published and not peer reviewed yet so read with a pinch of salts.

The author was quite impressed it seem (since its untrained yet). The AI comfortably passed the USMLE, USA medical exams (mirroring human, bad marks at subjects many students failed) It is moderately accurate and high concordance. Author suggests that accuracy can be improve by training the AI with datas like e.g. UptoDate or any qualified sources.

Not only the AI showing potential to teach medicine, providing new insight upto 88% in the answers, author suggests the AI will be used to even generate new medical exams questions in the future.

The paper mentioned how on online lung clinic experimented using the AI. Sensitive datas were redacted. It reduced clinicians workload by 33%. It helped to write letters, ELI5 to patients 'jargon-filled radiology reports' and giving suggestions to difficult diagnosis.

Read it few days ago so i might misremembered the infos. I agree tho that it isnt qualified nor should you accept its medical consultation yet. However, it has high potential, perhaps the medical boards will train and test the AI.


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It sounds almost exactly like the premise of this animation, Exception at Netflix except the fact that they 3D printed themselves biologically. The clones are fully aware that they are clone of the original with the aim of terraforming a planet before the arrival of their originals hundreds of years later.

YouTube recapped version here for those who want the short version of the series. Bit of sci-fi. horror, mystery, romance cg animation. 8 episodes. 6.5/10 by IMDB.