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I think he has done a good job being what most independents vote for him for. He's a tempering moderate. He's stated that he won't change our abortion laws despite attempts to legalize all abortions including late term and partial birth abortions, as well as republican attempts to push a ban beyond six weeks. He's kept it at 24 weeks, just like it was pre Dobbs. I appreciate that he's disappointed the fringes on both sides of the aisle.


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You aren't wrong. I work in healthcare and the C (corporate) suites have fucking ruined medicine. I'm burnt out from working weekend shifts seeing 60 patients in the waiting room who need care but no place to see and treat them because the ED is operating at half capacity because admin wouldn't authorize overtime for our nurses so we had to close half the department from Friday night to Monday morning. Then these same assholes who make these penny wise dollar foolish decisions give themselves multimillion dollar bonuses for their brave financial stewardship. I watched these same clowns call security to escort them out of the hospital because it leaked that they took the first batch of covid vaccines for themselves and left ER docs and ICU nurses waiting another two weeks for restock during peak covid. So I get the sentiment that modern day healthcare is run by used car salesmen who pretend to be sanctimonious stewards of medicine who only care about patient outcomes while also emailing their front line staff nastygrams that we are admitting too many sick people who don't have health insurance.

But CMC has its own specific reputation of all that plus having an incompetent cardiothoracic surgeon who has a body count which rivals most serial killers and the hospital, according to the Boston Globes spotlight research, allegedly buried all this as he was an attractive face of their organization and CT surgeons bring in bags and bags of cash in billable procedures. There are allegations that CMC failed to report surgical errors to the NH board of medicine as required by law. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy gets his own season on Dr. Death.


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$5,200 number 2 heating oil as a prebuy. Still have half of it left and expecting a refund in May for what's left over.

$275 seasoned firewood.

Numbers are a bit skewed because we have a newborn son at home so we turned up the thermostats above normal level while he and mom are at home on maternity leave. Still expect heating oil costs to be over $4,000 this winter.


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Northern New England is similar in some ways and very different in other ways than southern New England. We all love dunkins and agree Tom Brady was the second coming of Christ. Once you get north of Massachusetts though, it's also very different. VT, NH, and Maine are all constitutional carry states. As long as you aren't a convicted felon, habitual substance abuser, domestic abuser, mentally defective, you don't need any special paperwork to lawfully carry a firearm in Northern nw England, NH included. NH has no knife laws, no bans on NFA items. I own two suppressed SBRs myself. Theres no bans on standard capacity magazines like 30 rounders for ARs or 17 rounders for pistols. Firearm ownership here is pretty prolific. I know several docs, nurses, paras, and EMTs who carry. State law preempts any local ordinance or municipal regulations regarding firearms ownership or carrying. State law also prohibits any state, municipal, town, or country official or law enforcement officer from reporting or enforcing federal firearms laws so even an AWB is enacted on federal level, as long as no ATF agents see it, you are good.

Im willing to forgive your ignorance, but please don't ever compare us to NY again. Thems fighting words here.

Other things of note:

Hiking is great. Look up the "52 with a view" and 48 over 4,000.

Medium cost of living. Especially as you get more rural. You can afford a house in commuting distance anywhere in the state. It's not like eastern MA where 3 bdrms start at 800k. My wife and I paid 349k for 3 bed 2.5 bath on 2.5 acres.


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This is obviously the answer.

OP be like "I'm broke but I want a temporary recreational expense. What should I do?"

Like did they really think that they were going to get the validation they wanted and everyone here was going to say "sure grrrl, blow your savings on looking pretty so in a month it will fade and you will be broke AF"?


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I played it years ago. I had a blast. Plan was to play with my buddy but our schedules never really lined up. So I basically did my characters main story and got to max level. Never did any end game content so can't really speak to that. But just a fun game to quest in while advancing an interesting story.


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Reply to Mustard by Hi-piee

We all shit on the Germans for being the first to use chemical weapons, but the French were actually the first to use it as the front approached Paris. Mustard gas was originally designed as an area denial system, the idea being that it could be launched via artillery into an open field and essentially be a chemical minefield. The inventors were mortified to learn that generals were ordering it to be launched directly at troops.


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The reason that buildings do this is archaic laws which require that they have to have X number of mens restrooms and women's restrooms per Y number of occupancy capacity. Unspecified single use bathrooms don't count towards these requirements.

Yes, the bathrooms are exactly the same. They both have a toilet, paper towel holder, sink, foam soap, trash, and nothing really else.

But until states start repealing outdated building requirements, this is the stupidity we have to deal with.

Like does my wife's OBs office really need two mens restrooms when there's only one male OB and all the receptionists, clinic manager, sonographers, medical assistants, nurses, PAs, midwives, and remainder of OBs are all women?