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Times change, these sporting events are now seen as a sign of acceptance and inclusion...of people willing to live by societies rules. By letting Russia partake we are condoning their actions just as the football world cup was justifying an oppressive regime.

It's a slippery slope and whether you agree or not, by allowing these things to happen other countries become bolder in their oppressive actions.

By banning criminal regimes we are making a clear statement that their actions are not acceptable in the modern world.

This is not the 1950s


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There are several accounts like yours that sub to random subreddits and then one day just post a script written by AI and ask people to join them or sign up to their telegram or YouTube etc.

You might be different but I think people are downvoting because we see this all the time and it's just people trying to make money out of us.

I don't know either way what your intentions are but that's probably why the downvotes


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I agree, that is why they cite their sources and any amount of time spent looking into what I've said will show it's true.

I'm sorry you think I'm lying but these are all facts based on statistics ( if the statistics are false then what can we go on) and I'm not pro China in fact I'm worried for the future if these facts are true


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>it does not necessarily mean that Mandarin is more widely taught than any colonial language.

I said, after colonial languages

>Secondly, the statement implies that China's foreign policies and economic activities are universally positive.

I never said it was positive, it was meant as a warning

>Thirdly, while it may be true that China has made significant progress in nuclear fusion research and technology production, it is worth noting that China has also been accused of intellectual property theft and forced technology transfer from foreign companies as part of its industrial policy. Additionally, technology production is not the only measure of a country's development and success.

That is exactly the point I was making that they piggyback of other countries through intellectual property theft.

I was countering the argument that they are stuck in the 50s

>Finally, while China has made significant economic progress in recent decades, it is important to note that economic growth alone does not necessarily translate into improved standards of living for all citizens. China and its political system remains highly centralized and authoritarian.

They are authoritarian but by international standards they have moved more people out of extreme poverty than any other nation.

I'm not selling Chinese dominance as a good thing I was just pointing out what is happening. All according to WSJ.


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I believe that all psychological traits/disorders are on a scale ( eg autism). And they have set criteria for when they graduate from trait to disorder. The set criteria are defined by professional consensus and are again on a sliding scale where not all are required and each will present at different severity.


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Not only that, they are choosing to buy russian quality weapons over the latest western tech. Which is just.... stupid.

Shameful and stupid and... arrogant

They are also acting as if Russia would come to their aid next time they are attacked by China. Right now Russia is begging China for help and would gladly feed India to the Chinese in return for support.

They are playing dangerous games and bad politics.