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I wouldn't rule out outright lying. The police know the media vigorously pursues any crime story, unfounded or not, and factual follow up may or may not happen. And a lot of cops LOVE to grandstand and get that super-hero treatment on TV.

US media generally sucks, but I do love ProPublica's in-depth reporting. They really care about getting their facts correct.


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Off the top of my head: My trans friend, who needed to quit her TX teaching job because of the constant death threats. The school basically told her she was a liability, although having worked there for several years with an exemplary teaching record.

Where is the proof you need? It's not really necessary for the rest of us when we can see for ourselves how conservatives behave and treat others every day.

Unfortunately for me I live in an ocean of conservatism and people don't bother holding back because they assume I feel the same way.


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Boomers also handed over vast power to corporations in the name of their almighty god, capitalism; creating the billionaire class that sends dark money to any candidate who supports their investor's portfolios and unchecked growth.

Boomers and corporations quite literally made it legal to poison the environment, kill off habitats, and change the climate. To the point people are dying and they still don't care.


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Toomey is a douche canoe who can't stop loving on Trump.

Edit: I don't doubt the old guard Republicans like Toomey have nothing but disdain for someone as crass as Trump. But Toomey never stopped supporting Trump era policies with his votes, or cowardly abstained instead of doing the right thing. He might as well buy the hat and go full MAGA.


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We can all agree murderes and rapists deserve to be in jail a long time, sometimes forever. The point is most people there are in for a crime that wasn't violent. Those people need to be able to work and function in society after their release. Even most murdurers and rapists will walk amongst us again. It doesn't serve society to release them with nothing to lose or without a method to occupy their time in a beneficial way. US prisons are quite literally creating more criminals.