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Well, Southbury would probably be too far of a commute. Newtown would be a little long, over an hour or worse, but doable. The other towns obviously better, if they are on the pricy side maybe consider Bethel, I suppose schools aren’t as highly rated. There is also Monroe, Trumbull, Easton or Redding. All good schools, nice suburban towns. If the budget is good for it, Ridgefield has a really nice downtown, might be a little snobby though.


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What’s your budget? Wilton and Ridgefield will be the priciest. Newtown is still up there, Southbury is outside Fairfield county(but borders Newtown) so it’s the most reasonable, but still pricy. All school systems are good, but feeling the strain of a lot of transplants in recent years. Is commuting distance a consideration?


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I see you saying you opened the “vent thing”, and people are assuming you mean the flue, but are you talking about a vent that opens on the side or top of the fireplace? For the flue there is usually a large lever/bar to push or pull that is inside and above the fireplace. Are you opening that?