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I hired USA pipe repair because I couldn't find anyone else who could repair my sewer line by lining it, and based off my experience if I were doing it over again, I would look harder to find someone else who could do the job.

Or to put it differently, if I had another issue that could be fixed by lining a pipe, I'd pay about 1500 more to have anyone else do it. If it was that much cheaper, I would probably deal with him again and have someone on site to keep an eye on everything while they work.


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There was some talk about a deranged fugitive running through dorset woods which isn’t too far from me, so I initially thought maybe that had escalated in some capacity. It feels like the wrong everything for thunder!


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That’s great to hear. I don’t think the pros really know what is going on just yet, and anyone who knows me in real life will probably laugh that.. of course this is my child, but he’s basically got some kind of disconnect and speaks his own language and gets frustrated when people don’t understand him. Once he is over it, he’s just done and wanders off to do his own thing which I think makes it hard to keep him engaged. For people he likes he will change the topic but if you push he just won’t play ball at all.

For example tonight I was trying to practice one technique and he started singing his own version of wheels on the bus except when he gestured the doors going OPEN and SHUT he just put his hand over my mouth. Point taken, Sir. Toddlers are wild.


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I looked into it because I was willing to pay slightly more for a system since I’d worked on a farm with one that was THE BEST, and I was informed it would be around 50k more to install and maybe save me 20 bucks a month. I think it is best served in new construction with high needs and a lot of easily accessible space that’s already getting dug up


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Hit the email hole for work around 10 am and looked down and it was 4. One of those days.

Found out Friday my son needs 3x a week therapy vs his current weekly and might have something a little more going on than I thought, which caught me pretty off guard as someone who kind of mentally lives in the worst case scenario. Trying to sort through all the speech therapy/occupational therapy providers to find the right ones is not a task I am looking forward to.


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No, malvo is who he represented, who is in the process of resentencing. I read up on him and he seems well respected in the field but I already have serious concerns about Goochland animal control’s ability to get it together, so I sure hope they aren’t bringing a knife to a gun fight


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I had to eat emotional support nachos for dinner last night. the lady who starved the horses hired the same attorney as Rand Hooper, George Huguley, and the DC sniper. Hope Goochland animal control is doing a great job and their stuff holds up in court but…


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Do you have a dog? The best thing I feel like I can tell people about parenting is how you know you wouldn't get up and go to a park and sit on a bench and enjoy it for yourself, but you take a dog to the park to watch them see the big world and explore it, and their joy in that experience makes something really meh and turns it into something you enjoy and want to do. Parenting is a lot like that. A lot of it sounds really horrible without the context of loving your kid.


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I have my first parent teacher conference today and I would say my stress level is up there with going to be deposed for a court case. There is a part of me that is convinced I’m going to sit down and it will be some kind of intervention about all the ways I fall short as a parent and how incorrigible my child is. I don’t think that’s reality, but I don’t think I can put that thought away until it’s all over with.


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Covid shot just absolutely knocked me on my ass. Haven’t been able to keep food down in 48 hours and feeling real grinchy about it all. Tried to make a dinner for everyone in the house but it smells like food so I can’t even go into the kitchen at this point.