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But in this case the authors NEED some source of information of every park in the world.

  1. Building a community - best, but really really hard. Like, extremely unlikely.

  2. scrapping some data from the net. Easier, but quality and availability of data is less reliable.

  3. use AI. lowest quality, but available ON HAND - here and now.


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Ok, then it is quite impressive.

HOWEVER! Why dont use chatGPT to generate text for ALL the parks in in the world? This will be ONE TIME work.

I bet you could work it better with programming, but it could be done "by hand".


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How could you NOT be honest with "the most wonderful woman I have ever met."?!

There is nothing wrong with staying friends with past lovers. New partners are allowed to accept that or NOT to accept that.

Yes, that requires a type of confrontation and courage to discuss it. But for love of god, that was "most wonderful woman I have ever met.". She was worth taking a chance. And you cowarded.


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That is not an issue. A single digit G de-acceleration is Still extremely fast in terms of space travel.

If we ignore relativistic effect, we could accelerate/de-accelerate from half C to standstill in 25 days, while experiencing ONLY 1G.

So when flying to alpha Centauri at half C (still ignoring relativistic effects), it would take one month of speeding to C/2 with 1G, 8 years of flying at this "top speed" and one month of slowing down with one G.

G force are NOT a problem at this scale.


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He also helped to eradicate most vivid racism and eugenics eugenics etc from the USA. (from where he got those ideas in the first place)

To the point that is not rememberer to the proper extent.