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If you want to buy time treat with boat quality epoxy from West marine. It will have to be really really dry for it to work well. I have some garage windows with similar problems and they look great. The surface isn't newish looking but that fine for what I want. Alternative is replace everything with new high performance windows, there is a pretty good tax credit right now for insulation and energy saving upgrades.


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Sometime I wish they would build a high quality replica of the pantheon nearby on a hill so I could see what it supposed to look like. There is one in Nashville I'd will be visiting, although I wish it was on a hill similar to the acropolis


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I'm more curious about the milling process. I've seen the machines and it just looks like a big rotor with knives - hammers on it. how to they deactivate those when that part of the rotor gets near the manhole, is there some kind of ferrous sensor? I never see a manhole battered so they must be pretty effecicent at detecting and avoiding them.


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ok, ok, i took the wagon at the center and compared it to the with of the road on a pixel basis and it comes out to about 100ft which is about the width of broadway now. makes sense who ever did the illustration did reasearch ahead of time to make it right. I stand corrected.


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the illustration looks like its pushing 200ft wide and I get 90ft on broadway from building front to building front when i measure on google maps. Damrak in Amsterdam is the equivalent st, its about 75ft wide so maybe they just made broadway slightly wider.


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I've been working on a map of western architecture for a while. I've noticed strange names for many of the places and wondered about it, then realized much of it started before the birth of nations, provinces and all that government stuff so they had to make place names unique so there wasn't confusion over places named the same things. or thats the theory I'm going with for now. also there are starting up a couple yt channels where they explore castles with drones which is a great way to see them.


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lots of the old buildings in fidi had smaller floor plans so it was easier to make residential rooms with windows to the outside. Newer office floor plans are much bigger and depend on mechanical ventilation. it will be interesting how they use those spaces in residences. Not saying its not possible, there are challenges.


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I've wondered about the Popes postition on MC. The royalty of Europe and the church had a really good racket going on, Pope gave out franchises to royalty to justify their absolute power. in exchange church got regular monthly checks. things like MC messed with their business plan.


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I prefer to buy stuff from carts and trucks that have the prices marked on the outside. when its not I ask whats the price ahead of time, sometimes without the intent to buy just because I like to waste their time for not posting the price. Best prices are often near office buildings where theres lots of repeat customers.