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I keep forgetting to watch season 3! I don't have HBOmax so I'm literally going to pay for a month of it to watch Barry and then whatever else I can cram into that month. Succession maybe?


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Piggybacking off of your comment - I did a PHP program thru Tuckers at Chippenham because Parham said I didn't quite need to be admitted but they didn't have any spots available in their PHP at that time. The one I did thru Tuckers was all virtual at the time due to the pandemic but it was still extremely helpful and I would highly recommend it. Everyone I worked with during my evaluation was very kind and understanding, the social worker who led most of our group sessions and lessons/activities was an angel. And although the prescribing physician wasn't really amazing, she wasn't bad by any means and she still got me started on the right path med-wise.

I know Tuckers also offers an IOP (intensive outpatient program) as a step-down option, which is a half day program as opposed to PHP which is full day. Anyway, OP - if your friend doesn't actively have a plan to harm themselves or others at this time, then inpatient care may not end up being necessary and an outpatient program may be a good option for them to look into. Doing a PHP was honestly probably the best decision I have ever made, I learned some truly invaluable things through it.


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Highly recommend Dr Guh at Virginia Family Dentistry in Short Pump. I hadn't been to the dentist in 2 years and knew I had a cavity, so decided to go back to that practice because I went there as a kid (saw Dr Ressler back then, who is also very good). I was terrified because I had been taking very bad care of them over these last two years. Straight up cried in the chair because I thought they were going to tell me that I had ruined my teeth... he and the hygienist both made me feel very comfortable and didn't judge or shame me at all. Thankfully I only needed a couple of fillings and a cleaning, which they were able to do the following week. He took time to answer all of my questions plus he's really friendly with a good sense of humor which helped calm me down. And the fillings were virtually painless