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When I tried that exact search just now as a test, it wasn't even that bad. The top hits were articles by PCGamer, Tom's Hardware and other tech sites, with titles like "Best Gaming PCs in 2023". Sounds reasonable.

When I turned off ad-block, the top 3 were sponsored. Which is hardly "dominating" the page. So the article is overblowing the whole thing anyway.


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Yes, it'd be cool, but it's not ever feasible. Not now, not with any future tech. It goes against the conservation of energy. If it worked, it would have to be a magical turbine that put out more energy than the kinetic energy it got from the wind.

The only reason regular wind turbines are useful is because the kinetic energy from natural wind is free. So we can convert a part of that to electrical energy. The car examples you gave use this free wind energy.

A turbine on the back of a car would be getting all of it's kinetic wind energy by slowing the car down and converting a portion of that lost energy to electricity.


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But it's not recouping anything. Like they said, the energy you would lose from the drag is more than the energy you'd get out of it. Even if it were 100% efficient, all it would do is not slow you down.