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Narragansett passed that law, but it was struck down by superior court. I believe it was just because they didn’t go the correct route for it to become an ordinance.

“SOUTH KINGSTOWN — A Superior Court judge has once again struck down a Narragansett town ordinance limiting rentals to three students, dealing yet another blow to the town’s controversial efforts to control the rental housing market.”


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Unfortunately the family will never find peace. Doesn’t matter if one or all of the cops are fired, or they get some sort of financial decision made in their favor. Wouldn’t it have been faster to have someone reevaluate her then tell the officers with her able to hear it? No, cause it’s their way or their way. The way she was treated and laughed at for everyone to see is just disgusting. Imagine what was being said off camera?


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With performance modifications to a car you can easily add 30+ horsepower when you tune a car to run with E85 or in their case e30. Also better fuel economy and Typically it’s much cheaper than regular fuel.


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That was one of the plans, however that station was never allocated funding through their capital plan. Yes they could have used overpass as it was mentioned in one of their meetings, however it wouldn’t have been fiscally feasible to do that and be able to accommodate handicapped access.


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LED lights aren’t serviceable, these are standard on our cars and not something we added. Also we had the service center check the alignment of the lights to ensure they are correct. I’m happy with the light output, I’m not changing how it was designed to operate safely. Roads here are up and down, if you’re downhill from me of course the lights will be up higher.


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Also, can we stop putting on the brights to on coming cars with bright headlights? There’s a difference between high beams and just the newer lights. Mine and my wife’s cars come factory with LED lights and we have someone shine their high beams at us at least weekly. I asked the service shop to check the alignment just in case. There’s nothing we can do except turn on our high beams too.


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We’ve purchased and leases the 3 pilots from Boch Honda in Norwood. If you’re purchasing/leasing new high volume dealers usually have a bit better pricing. If you’re leasing I also highly recommend edmunds forums. You can get the pricing info on the model so you can calculate the monthly price yourself.


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$500k for a few acres? That won’t get you a place in RI, especially close to Newport. Realistically you’d need to up that budget significantly. RI doesn’t have large lots of land with small farm houses with lots of space for horses to roam. Maybe you can find that one place and get lucky, but your best bet is to contact a reputable agent… reputable. This sold 2yrs ago for $580k and it would’ve been exactly what you were looking for. So take this listing as a good point of reference.