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That would be twisted in a nice way playing the role of the co-creator who created the role he played jn - would actually sort of fit the metaverse they are narrating as well haha


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Very cool stuff and can be used to screen for drug and discovery - the hope is reduce/eliminate animal models for certain things and at the same time increase ability mimick what is being studied. With that said it worries me about growing a brain organoid bigger and more complex and possibility of it becoming enthical is a possibility - we don’t need a bicomputer


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so in the brain we have two main type of neurons ( excitatory and inhibitory ) or glumate vs gaba. When glumate is release it causes a neuron to fire and thus exitatory. Adenosine is release when neurons fire sometimes (what we call presynaptic) and feed back onto itself, when it binds to the receptor it inhibit glutamate release and thus decreases activity. There are other mechnism, like I mentioned above such as increasing release of gaba, but I think this is the main one.


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it causes sleep because when adenosine binds to specific receptors in the brain, it slows down the activity of neurons, reducing arousal and promoting sleepiness. adenosine can also increase the release of sleep-promoting neurotransmitters, such as GABA, which further enhance the feeling of drowsines