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Use CMP Energy Manager to look at usage by the hour. Identify patterns in usage like what times of day there is high consumption. That’s the benefit of smart meters.

Once you know when the high usage is happening, you can backtrack and think “what might be running during that hour?”


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You don’t seem to be responsive/wanting to learn more about your energy consumption.

If they aren’t reading your meter, check if the PDF/paper version of your bill states “estimated usage.” The vast majority of homes are on Smart Meters that don’t need to be read.

If you are being billed for 2000kwh, find out if that’s an estimated billing or actual usage. Energy Manager can show you all of that in a few clicks. ✌️


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Look at CMP Energy Manager, and look for patterns in your usage. What hours are you using a lot of energy? Is it like this every day? Only on weekdays?

Space heater? Secondary old fridge/freezer? Identifying patterns in your usage will help you reduce it.


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Have you looked at the amount of KWH being used per cycle? Tried to identify any mysterious increase?

Space heaters? Old freezer in the basement that’s super inefficient? Sadly I don’t think Versant offers hourly usage data like CMP does via Energy Manager.

Edit: I think Versant has this in the Bangor Hydro District.

You can also access daily and hourly usage information from the electric meter at your home through our website at My Account.


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People also pretend that CMP Energy Manager doesn’t exist. Or that there’s no way to look at hourly usage charts and figure out what in their home is using so much energy during a certain hour.

Folks, look at your usage by the hour. Look for patterns, look for hours that you are using many KWH. Running a space heater during that time? Hot water tank recovering? Ancient freezer using a ton of energy around the clock?


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Raising the tipped minimum wage does not mean people stop tipping. It just means a higher base wage for the waiter at those places currently paying $6.38/hour.

Tipping will not “go away because people will not be able to afford it.” Some establishments already choose to pay the full $14/hour as they realize waiters have side jobs and properly compensate for them. There’s no difference in the tipping percentage.


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From Progressive:

Do insurance rates go up after no-fault accidents?

It may seem unfair, but accidents that aren't your fault may still increase your rate in certain states. However, they may not cost as much as at-fault accidents. As with speeding tickets and most other violations, not-at-fault accidents stay on your driving record for a certain number of years (the length varies by state).


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A regular FWD car with studless snow tires + decent ground clearance (think Honda Accord) will do excellent in a Maine winter. Got plenty of personal experience with that.

Chevy isn’t the most reliable, and not worth going with one just for AWD. You don’t need AWD.


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I’ve never caused an accident either. But I had somebody hit me in a totally unavoidable situation last year. $3000 claim against their policy, and my insurance went up about 15%.

Taking a left turn (two lanes going left), after completing the turn this guy to my left starts coming into my lane. I slow down and hold the horn seconds before impact…but the guy keeps coming. My only other option was to hit the curb which is next to a sidewalk and a few businesses. Still impacts my rates.

Had a dashcam which recorded the other driver crossing into my lane and hitting me. Other driver admitted to police the situation, and he was given a verbal warning for failure to maintain his lane position. But my rates still went up.