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To solve this, you would have to A) increase energy prices to replace carbon sources with renewable sources thereby increasing inflation, and B) stop the purchase of products from China and India, who would remain the world's biggest emittters, thereby increasing inflation.

Not saying we shouldn't do it, but it's going to dramatically lower our standard of living right now, to preserve the standard of living 77 years from now. That's the problem with this, the harms are so far off, and the costs are so high, it is difficult to rally much support.


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Call your state employment department. Ask how to file a complaint. They. Will. Not. Fuck. Around. They will pursue that company to the end of the earth. Even if the company goes out of business, they usually go right after the owner personally. They will not let go until you are paid, and the owner will soon learn NEVER to withhold from a final paycheck. Ever.

There are also state laws about how soon they have to send your last paycheck. $1 short and they just violated that law. Include a statement in your complaint that they are now in violation of that law.


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I was banned from most of the Covid subs for noticing that some people never recovered. People would come on and ask when they would get their sense of smell back and I would note that you never knew it could come back tomorrow or never. The person would get upset at that answer and report my response. Banned for negativity.


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I taught at every gym in a large city and my advice to anyone wanting to send someone over 50 into one of them is to perhaps start there but move on. I taught a true high intensity interval training program until I was 56 and every gym begged me to tone it far down. I finally was fired from a high end gym because they had developed an ultra low intensity version of the class I taught and I refused to teach it.

What someone over 50 will get shunted into is a Tai Chi style class where you'll lift your arms up and take three steps, and hey, see you next week. I know that everyone has to start somewhere, but if you don't advance out of that class and ultimately out of the gym, you aren't going to make much difference in your life.

The typical chain gyms know most people don't actually want to do anything but say they went to the gym. They absolutely cater to that market. If you want to start there, fine, but move on.