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It makes sense that root exudate boosts microbial activity in the breakdown of rocks because plants are highly motivated to break through rocks. So why not get the bacteria to help.


Also, i wonder how this connects with the hypothesis that clay might have been a catalyst for the development of prebiotic self replicating chemistry. Perhaps this original system still continues.


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>!Meredith's oldest was just diagnosed as a prodigy but after making some college visits, has decided to go into engineering instead of medicine. However, her special interest is robotics which will probably lead her into bionics. The rest of Mredith's brood isn't in high school yet, so who knows? !<


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Hmm. If this were Grey's Anatomy, you'd find yourself assigned to special observation duty of that patient while having to study their case file until you could explain how they got halfway off the bed. But you'd do such a good job of it that you'd be drafted as assistant to the chief of neuro and in three years you and that nurse would designing a new handheld gadget to measure CNS activity in coma patients.