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You need enough to feed people, enough that nobody is hungry, and enough to soak up the copious amounts of booze being consumed. Too much and you run the risk of food coma-ing the party.

One of my cousins went all out on food, tons of stations, lots of rich food, and nobody could get up to dance, and the drinking was subdued to hell, spent 3 hours in my bed clutching my gut and my wife was hoping she'd just throw up. Next day reporting from all sources was heartburn, indigestion, etc..


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The one wedding we attended like that was a legit nightmare. Everybody was dealing with indigestion and the afterparty was effectively people finding chairs and panting heavily.

We had more than enough food but people were running back to their tables for food cause everybody was dancing.


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I mean we had Roman's in the 30s writing shit about Roman's in 300BC writing about Greeks in 600BC.

It's how you get sentences in Latin that you translate, and then require a 20 minute English explanation to understand who to the how. This is how you get nerds.


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> Eliot’s letters to Hale, who for nearly seventeen years was his confidante, his beloved, and his muse, were another matter. They don’t just repeat “gossip and scandal,” they produce it. Scholars have known about this correspondence since Hale donated Eliot’s letters to Princeton, in 1956, but for decades, the trove of documents remained a tantalizing secret—kept sealed, at Eliot’s insistence, until fifty years after both he and Hale had died.


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It was very much assumed that any reader would be able to recognize and know his references, at the very least they'd have to go hunting for it.

Plus it's like saying "ahhhh ahhh, Tenacious D ripped off Zeppelin in Tribute"....congratulations you missed the joke.


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It's the video.

It was always a story, fairly high up, but it wasn't THE story until the video dropped. The fact that they fired and went after the cops FAST got a lot of attention. Then the police, feds, and family asking people to remain calm and not riot 24 hours before release meant it was going to be bad.

Now it's going to be a dragged out legal process, which is much less easy to push compared to a 10 minute execution.