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The Arrangement had been going on between us for long enough that it earned the capitlisation of its' name. The Spectre would kidnap me, take me to his (current) lair and hold me until I was rescued. Sure, over time that has evolved into a text message 24 hours prior, my agreement to only put up a struggle when we were in the public eye, and he makes sure I am comfortable and fed before things get exciting; but that's why we call it The Arrangement after all.

Some folks will say... things; mean things about it. They have said that its all an elaborate ruse to cover an affair - something my ex was all-too-happy to believe when he ran off with that Hooters Waitress. Others called in a professional psych who claimed I had Stockholm Syndrome and a CNC fetish... ew!

But put-simply, we have a professional agreement and understanding; before he kidnapped me the first time, The Spectre had a hard go of it - hostages who had delusions of being Bruce MacLaine, and ended up like Hans Gruber...

Oh the movie reference? Yeah, thats what I do to pass the time in captivity; we watch movies together.

He's getting fidgety though, we already watched The Matrix AND Matrix Reloaded; not gonna lie - I hope we are interrupted with a rescue soon; or we will have to sit through Revolutions.

He's on the phone again to the Police Commissioner, repeating his demands; but I am noticing his heart isn't in it now, what's going on?

"They aren't coming"

"Wait, what do you mean They aren't coming?"

He shakes his head, I have only ever seen him this dejected once before, and that was when Ghost-Dog got ran over by a police car. This is... Awkward

"They worked out The Arrangement; they are refusing to either pay ransom or rescue you. They are calling you an accomplice."

Okay, this is worse; I have never seen him like this before, so hurt, so disappointed, so vulnerable... so hot?

Oh shit

"Well, if that's how they want this to play out..."

I reach out and touch his hand

"Maybe we can give it a try..."

He looks at me, his face hardening, shit - did I go too far? Suddenly he drops to one knee.

And pops me the question...

"I know this is sudden but... Would you sidekick me?"


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"Ooooh I am going to regret this on the cold mornings"

I mused quietly, desperately trying to rub some life into my shoulder; that landing was just too damn hard. His shadow fell over me, and I knew before even looking up that he would be gloating. Way too many wannabe villains these days taking thier cues from Pro-Wrestling.

"Not gonna showboat? Come on, you got me down; you gotta make a scene of it now tough-guy; its your moment"

I uttered through gritted teeth, desperately trying to buy some more time, precious seconds to gulp down some air and keep the blood flowing. I went into this fight cold, a part of that whole Not-Wanting-To-Sacrifice-An-Innocent thing I have now.

The Ghetto Blaster laughed, not with any genuine humour; more like someone reading a script that simply says "laugh now".

"Awww not going to kill someone to beat me? Yeah I know who you are Trolley-Man! Just as well..."

I held my tongue, he was monologuing! Good! He turned around, a slow rotation with his arms raised in imminent victory.

"You would need to take out a whole Busload of people to be strong enough to defeat ME!"

There she was, standing off to the side watching wide-eyed; Blaster's 10 year old daughter Elaine...

"I don't need that"

I said just loud enough for him to register.

"I only need HER...!"

I rolled away from him, springing up to my feet immediately and sprinting to the edge of the rooftop where Elaine was standing, gripping her collar firmly and suspending her over the edge.


Blaster's cry lost its' villainous edge, veering straight into protective father mode; too bad he didnt have that whenever he levelled an entire project and the families inside.

"Okay Blaster, you surrender right now... The cops are waiting with suppression cuffs. You give up and I dont kill Elaine and then you. How about it?"

To my relief, he saw sense and gave in, I held her there until the authorities had him neutralised and secured. It was as I brought her back that I finally looked back at her, seeing the absolute hatred burning in the pit of her soul. In that glance I saw her future, her gaining her own powers and yes; rising to become an S-Tier Supervillian.

I set her down on the ground without a word; wether an innocent or someone's innocence...

The sacrifice was still made...


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"Legends are a funny thing, funny to the point of daft sometimes but nevermind; you are here to press about the story of the Princess at the Lake of Longing aren't you? Well come inside then and mind you wipe your feet ; I will put the kettle on."

The old maid shambled over to the hob and swiftly setup the old black iron kettle turning to admonish us swiftly.

"And close the bloody door, you are letting the draft in!"

She busied herself as we sat at her cluttered table, my darling Monique gasped as she noticed a huge and heavily scarred old tabby cat leering at her through his one good eye. We were then interrupted by the woman as she joined us with fresh mugs of hot tea.

"Oh pay no mind to old Greebo, he's a big softie really! Now then..."

She snapped and looked us both over in a manner that felt like we were being appraised like horses at stud.

"You both want to hear about the Princess at the Lake? No doubt you took young mistress here to the theatre and watched a play? Nice choice there lad!"

She shot me a wink that seemed to heavily imply carnal knowledge that would be illegal in many kingdoms. Befors sighing heavily.

"I never should habe told that story to the playwright, he took a few liberties, and thats saying something coming from me! Yes, there was a Princess, and a Lake, and even a Prince, although he was never involved in THAT part of the story."

Monique interjected suddenly

"What do you mean Mistress? I thought that the Prince sailed on the Lake to war and she waited every day to return!"

She scoffed

"Shows what you know; why sail across a Lake when you can march AROUND it! Which may I add, is EXACTLY what the Prince actually did!"

I had to ask

"So why did the Princess wait at the Lake every night for his return?"

The old woman winked again.

"She wasnt waiting for the Prince, she was waiting for the fisherman!"


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"Okay, Snake, Snake, Whale; that did it!"

The group tensed as the mechanism whirred, heavy iron bolts sliding back into the round door, each settling with a satisfying thunk. With an ear grating cacophony of dry stone upon stone; the door rolled away to open the tomb. Stepping through the entrance, weapons ready and torches raised; they approached the dais in the centre of the room that held the large black sarcophagus.

As they edged further, skeletal hands clutched the edges of the sarcophagus and tensed as the occupant animated and raised itself. Terror quickly turned to mirth as the first thing they saw was the knitted nightcap topped with a pompom.

Halfdan the Mighty stifled a giggle as the skeleton continued to rise, it was wearing a matching fluffy dressing gown and a small teddy-bear spilled out of the sarcophagus to tumble on the floor.

Vermithrax the Lich glowered at the group, its eyes blazing in each socket like a captured galaxy, unfortunately the effect was somewhat spoiled as the pompom bobbed in front of one of them.


Vernithrax rasped, a cloud of fine dust erupting from its mouth as it spoke.


"Um... No!"

Arnissa, the diminutive rogue giggled as she interrupted

Vermithrax reached up to adjust the pompom and with seemingly an afterthought; blasted the group with an arcing chain of black lightning, leaving only smoking boots where they stood.



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Simon whooped in jubilation as the pentagram blazed with eldritch black fire as thick black smoke swirled and coalesced inside, forming a large, looming figure of dread.


It roared, it's voice a cacophony of thousands of battlefield curses and cries of treachery.

"I do...!"

The voice that replied was reedy, nasal and dripped with smug satisfaction.

"My name is Simon, and now that I have summoned you, I compel you to do my bidding. I have a grimoire here with the names of all who have wronged me, that you must eliminate"

With that, he held up a cheap school notebook. The creature in the circle seemed to be glancing around the room, taking everything in; before chuckling with menace.

"And prey-tell-me... Simon, with your repurposed schoolbook, dollar-store dribbly candles and..."

It's voice pitched in disbelief

"A Youtube video loop of creepy chanting?"

It shook its now-solid horned head

"How could a pathetic snivelling worm like you find the hundred victims needed to summon me?"

Simon grinned, not only would he show his classmates, but this arrogant Demon too that HE was truly a master of reality. He held up a petri dish in one hand and a spray-bottle of antibacterial solution in the other.

"It was never stated that the victims must be human to summon you"

The Demon laughed as it stepped OUT of the circle, its cloven hoof leaving a scorch-mark on the floor.

"To summon me, that is true"

It tore Simon's still-beating heart from his chest and held it to him.

"But to BIND me... Now that is another matter entirely"