guacamole_is_extra OP t1_iu5sffs wrote

After asking some friends and adding my favorites from here, here is my comprehensive list

  • Nice to meet you. So what do you do for a living?

  • I know this secret spot called founding farmers

  • You got a business card, bro?

  • The happy hour there is sick. You can get a Miller Light for only like $8.

  • Yeah, I’m a native. Been here a whole year

  • Stands on the left

  • Whenever anyone visits I take them straight to Georgetown cupcake

  • Where do you live in DC? Clarendon

  • My girlfriend and I met on LinkedIn

  • I’m getting an MBA as a hobby

  • Socially liberal fiscally conservative

  • Sprained ankle dodging a rat on a lime scooter

  • Blacks out at brunch

  • We need to hotwash the big ask so we can parameterize the heavy lift

  • I’ll probably go into policy in a few years

  • It’s not what you know it’s who you know

  • I totally could have gone to an ivy but I really wanted to pick a place with a good lacrosse program

  • I went to Harvard (for the weekend)

  • Dope blazer! Is that J. Crew?

  • My life is basically exactly like the West Wing

  • Sorry, that’s actually confidential

  • Yeah, I do have a security clearance….

  • What?

  • Oh sorry. I though you asked for my SAT score

  • How many AP classes did you take in high school?