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This is partly true, but kind of misses the point. Pushing users towards the path you want isn’t bad. If the options are “Wipe my Hard Drive” and “Nevermind” it might be good to put up enough roadblocks that the user needs to think to get through.

A “dark pattern” is when you are being evil/deceptive by pushing or tricking users into doing something they probably don’t want to do or is against their interest.

Of course this definition would include almost every single EULA. Those don’t count though, because corporate lawyers are very good at their job.


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Keep in mind that many “waterproof” jackets will use glue as well as stitching. This is because the glue acts as a sealant so the water doesn’t come in through the holes were the thread is stitched.

I’m guessing that what you are really trying to find are jackets that stitch every seam, rather than jackets that don’t use any glue.