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That direction changing is it being affected by gravity. As a photon passes a star it's trajectory is changed. Not because the star is pulling on the photon but it has distorted space itself. In a black hole that's base is bent so severely that circles back in on itself.

You don't want to think of gravity as a force that is pulling on objects. But bending space. Earth isn't traveling in a circle around the Sun. It's traveling in a straight line. The sun has just bent space so that line circles back around in on itself.


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I sent my wife to pick up food. I put the name in as "herName Smellybutt" . She approaches and says "Pickup order for hername"". To which the casher enthusiastically greated " oh hello Mrs. Smellybutt". All in the restorant busted out laughing. Including the customers who seemed to have been let in on the humorous name that had come through.


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This isn't your FU. On a bed is a perfectly reasonable place to leave your belongings. If I left $100 on the living room table it would remain there. Nobody who I consider family or a friend would take it. For that matter nobody who I consider a decent person would take it.

Your brother and mother have problems. Problems you need to get away from. When you are old enough you need to put a safe distance between you and them. Don't be afraid to seek therapy, yourself. Your step father is trouble too but in a different way. Keeping quiet when you know something is unjust happening before you is also bad. He is likely insecure, fearful in his relationship with your mother. In a real relationship people are not afraid to disagree. I'm sure he is very kind to you but not there for you when you need it.


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I'm currently going through my X rewatch. I've lost count how many. You are already on the downhill. It just gets steeper and steeper. I feel like it's three to four where you realize this is nothing like what. The last two seasons are real bad with the last being almost unwatchable. F****** Randy. IDK why but he's just so unlikable. That all being said I've mentioned I lost count how many times I've rewatched it. I do enjoy it. I guess it's maybe cuz they started the characters off so well you follow them through the ridiculously bad writing.


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A gap is not a sign it's not connected. During installation the outlet is several inches away from the wall while the electrician makes the connections. Most likely the breaker is tripped. Chuck the breaker. As they are far too often not labeled properly, just look too see if the switches are flush compared to each other. A tripped circuit may be just a couple my millimeters out of line. Flip the switch away and back to reset it. And trouble tell your dad and shadow him while he fixes. This is one of those things you need to know as an adult.


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I don't think you fd up. With the little info you give or sounds like they might possibly not be ready for themselves. There is likely some interest there but be ready for some crazy as it's often turbulent for a trans to figure themselves out in even the most accepting of communities.