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> and it means more money is meeded from someplace.

Not always, often it just breaks even because the cost of transacting, securing payments, payment equipment, enforcing anti-turnstyle jumping, etc end up eating most of the payments received.

This is probably less the case now that public transit is less cash-based, but it's still a consideration.


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I bet ventilating briefly with an open window is going to be cheaper than running a dehumidifier unless the heat is insanely expensive (baseboard electric at a high electric rate or something).

The Germans are super into this.

> "The correct way to ventilate a home is to employ the Stoßlüften, or shock ventilation method. You open your windows completely for three minutes if it's windy, five to 10 minutes if it's not," said Raymond Galvin, a researcher at the University of Aachen and Cambridge, who has written extensively about energy efficiency in Germany.

In my experience, if you open a window in cold weather you can watch a hygrometer tick down very quickly in real time. Once the humidity is down, you're home free unless you create more without using an exhaust fan (bath or kitchen, for example) or the weather warms up with accompanying high humidity again. Then it's time for another quick shock.