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>he was already offered a contract with more guaranteed money than everyone but Watson and higher APY than everyone but Mahomes

There is a difference though, Mahomes was extended after year 3. Lamar is now now on year 5. Price goes up based no that. Mahomes contract was two years ago. Price goes up year by year. They offered a below market contract.


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I think not only if is far from reality, but it also never made sense why Tesla and Tesla alone would be able to pull this off. The answer is the myth of Elon the genius, who would somehow single handily pull off what many companies are trying to accomplish. In any case I think it slowly starting to "sink" in to most people that Elon is not a genius


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The more important point is that Tesla is not valued as an electric car company. This valuation might be $60-120B depending at most. Tesla's inflated valuation (was up to $1.2 trillion at one point!) is as a "tech" company, and that genius Elon will transform the world with his latest brilliant idea to make humanoid vacuum cleaners or whatever.


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The Onion but out a book of fake historical front pages that I loved (probably came out at least 15 years ago). One of my favorite parts was that every five or ten pages or so would be a headline announcing a new "the trial of the century". I think this was one of them.