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As a landlord, everyone loves to hate us. I mean, I understand why. Easy target, economy sucks, and most landlords are the worst (we try really hard not to be). It's just frustrating that everything eventually boils down to people saying "Landlords are scum" to everything we do.

One of my tenants hasn't paid rent in months. We took a chance on renting to them as they were a young couple very close to expecting their first child. They didn't have much, no family to rely on. As a small family business landlord, we like trying to help people and we are able to do so every once in a while, so we approved them and their rent is well below market rate and we don't do increases. As their one year lease was nearing the end, I didn't want to renew (as they had consistently been late and owed back rent), but my parents did because they really wanted to help them. So we waived all of their late fees and let them use their last month's rent to catch up to be in compliance so the lease could renew.

Now they're four months behind with seven months left on their lease. We're in the middle of the Eviction Diversion Program right now. If the tenant owes less than $3,000.00, the City will pay their back rent, as well as an additional month of rent so the tenant has breathing room, which is very nice of the City, but we've been in this for almost two months and still haven't gotten anything.

Went to the building recently to perform the annual fire alarm test and I see a GoPuff order sitting outside with their name on it with a brand new $60 Bluetooth speaker in the bag, as well as other items. I brought the bag in so it wouldn't get stolen and I'd certainly never say something to them about it, but it really hurt to see that. I try and tell myself that they could've had a gift card or something, but they probably didn't.

I doubt that they'll start paying after we get done with the EDP. And we can't evict until three months after the EDP closing date.

ETA: Out of the $1,400 they've accrued in late fees, I've waived closed to $1,200 of them. I've stopped waiving them.


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No recs, just tips.

Make sure that any contractor you use is using Schluter.

Avoid using the fancy schmancy architectural drains. I know it looks good, but it is a pain in the ass to keep clean. Just get a nice looking square one and call it a day.

I put Corian/solid surface walls in all of my renos as there is no grout. Super easy cleaning and no breaking tiles.

For tiles on any surface, use an epoxy grout (I use Ardex). An absolute bitch to put on as it’s only workable for a very short amount of time and it’s sticky, but it’s so, so, so much better. Most contractors refuse to work with it.


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You either do it yourself or you contact management.

I’m a landlord. It’s my job to make sure the building (including the outside) looks and operates nicely. I mean, yes, I would groan and bitch about it internally when the request came in, but if it has to be done, it has to be done.

Submit a request through 311 or call your councilman. It’s surprisingly easy to develop contacts within their offices; most of the aides are really responsive. They can also issue a trash ticket to the property owner.


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Philly’s flag is yellow and blue because of our original Swedish founding (the Swedish Museum in FDR Park is a great laidback day activity btw). Both PA and Philly’s coat of arms depict ships and a plough. I’d say Philly’s flag has more in common with PA’s than other cities do with their state flags.

If I didn’t know that was Chicago’s flag, I would literally never be able to guess it was theirs, as it’s incredibly generic; I think a lot of cities could use the same exact flag and say that each star represents a historical event in their own city.

Denver’s could belong to literally any mountainous city, but because it uses the same color palette as Colorado’s flag, you are able to reasonably guess it’s Denver.

California’s flag literally says California on it. If you see a version that doesn’t say California or you just see the bear, you know it’s California because you’ve seen the real flag, so you’re able to identify its separate elements. It’s also a state flag, which is a little different.

The only reason you know what they are is because you learned it previously, same with just about every piece of knowledge on this earth.


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People tend to not pick people up at the airport when they’re on vacation.

When you arrive at an airport and then go back to that airport, you’re never getting in the “Arriving” lane, so you won’t see any part of that infrastructure (other than when you’re leaving it and trying to figure out how to navigate a whole new city).


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As a landlord, I’d prefer if both applicants came at the same time.

It depends on what you want though. You may find it difficult to relinquish space or items when a roommate comes in after the fact. All of your items would already be existing in the space and the roommate wouldn’t really have the opportunity to space plan with you.

If you can afford it, I really do suggest living alone.


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I have two top (third) floor apartments available in the coming months (one has a deck). We’re just finishing up a total renovation on both units.

Bella Vista. $1,800/mo. All pets allowed. Custom white oak cabinetry throughout and LVP flooring.

It would be nice if Zillow or any of the other websites allowed a floor filter. It’s hard enough to get listing agents/landlords to use the A/C filter correctly.


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I know it sounds ridiculous to say this, but putting someone’s body in a freezer after you murder them seems more sinister than just leaving them on the ground.

There is more thought and calculation put into it. Plus, people don’t tend to nicely fit in freezers most of the time. Imagining someone coldly manipulating a corpse and trying to get them to fit inside of the freezer, pushing, rearranging, slamming the door closed, etc. It’s just creepy.


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I gave USPS a fob to my building (I’m the access manager). They still ring the intercom or they just leave. When I go outside and talk to them, they’re waving the route keychain around and I can clearly see the fob.

Before we had access control, we used to have the main door key in a USPS keyed box that was inset in the wall. One of the mail people took it out of the box without telling us, so our front door key was just out and about without our knowledge.

We also don’t get our mail for days on end until I go there. It’s insane. We’re a commercial building full of businesses; we can’t afford to have our mail tied up because the person didn’t feel like waiting two seconds for the door to open.


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Uh, yeah, they do. All cars have a little display, whether it’s on your dash, infotainment system, rearview mirror, whatever, showing which cardinal direction you’re traveling.

It’s not an actual compass that spins around. Although those were certainly more common in the early 2000s.

ETA: Obviously, cars without digital capabilities in any way, such as vintage/classic vehicles are not likely to have this. But all 2000s and later vehicles should have a compass display somewhere.

It will just state the direction. Nothing else. So ‘NW’, ‘S’, ‘NE’ would be what is displayed.


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How on earth would the cop know what directions the accident occurred at? Just because the streets go a certain way doesn’t mean anything. People back up in intersections all of the time or even sometimes go up a street the wrong way if something is blocked off.

Asking cardinal directions is entirely standard. And yeah, actually, if you’re driving, you’re carrying a compass. All cars have one built in that displays on the dash constantly.