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Instead of balloons you need to butter some toast and tape it to the back of the cat, butter side out. Then pick up and drop the cat.

Since buttered toast always lands butter side down on the ground and cats always land on their feet (physics) the paradox will create a perpetually rotating cat that never touches the ground.


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He said she said between the employer and the union. If Apple had "cause" there's not much they can do about it. If you bite the hand that feeds you don't be surprised when they go looking for reasons to fire you.


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Given infinite time we actually expect all particles in the universe eventually to spread out and collapse into nothingness, everything with structure and energy eventually pulled apart into flat uniform empty space.

The observable universe is actually relatively finite. We can only see, at best, objects that are a few dozen billion light years away from us now, but are rapidly receding away from us such that soon the light they emit will never reach us because the expansion of the universe means those galaxies are moving away from us faster than the speed of light.

So in theory maybe somewhere out in the non-observable universe, that is the universe outside of the realm of things we could ever possibly observe it's possible there are galaxies identical to ours, but within the observable universe that is basically impossible.

That is of course referring to matter in this universe. It's entirely possible that there are infinite parallel universes which could have exactly the same configuration as this one or be slightly different, but we have no way to observe those if they exist.


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This here is the text I need to get past the censor bots for "no" not being a long enough answer despite the fact that the question unequivocally and obviously can be answered with a succinct and unambiguous "no". Really such clickbait titles should be banned from this sub based on the rules for discussion here but I digress as I feel that I have already made my point.


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There's a million reasons why earth is habitable and nothing else is. In fact in all that we have been able to observe the Earth is the only place with the exact perfect conditions to support life. Change any of those things a little bit and the earth is dead. So it's not just moons.

Jupiter has a lot of moons because Jupiter is huge and that gravity captures a lot of rocks flying through space. It's also incredibly radioactive and any living thing near Jupiter would be killed pretty quickly from radiation.


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Slow-mo all you want that's not some beautiful brush with nature. That thing swam up trying to decide if that human was food, then it decided that the human is not food. For now.

They only exist to kill.