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Those guys are ridiculous! Motherfuckers wanted 20k, half up front and a 5 month wait time to start. They’d sell you the Taj Mahal if they could.

Off of a Reddit comment recommendation of someone who had a similar experience, we used Brilliant Basement waterproofing based out of Lisbon. They came down to us in upper Fairfield county.

Small business, really good people, about half the cost and they did a great job


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L’Ostal in Darien has the best service of any restaurant I’ve been to in Fairfield County. Absolutely delicious. You can make it as expensive or less expensive as you like (you could both get pasta and the wine by the glass and keep it reasonable or could blow it out and spend hundreds of dollars) Hard to get a reservation. They’re on opentable.

Olio is a great date spot in Springdale.


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Eh these are probably more popular than hidden gems but when I lived downtown, had friends who didn’t venture up to Springdale so I’m gonna just go with these:

Village table - favorite breakfast sandwiches in Stamford

Vinny’s backyard - favorite wings in Stamford.

Olio - probably favorite restaurant for a date night in Stamford. Just consistently good.


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Sorry my first answer was unhelpful. After fairway left not much. Whole Foods in Daren and stew Leonard’s in Norwalk are ok. I moved up the state a bit but really do like Custom meats in Fairfield. Amazing dry aged burgers and sourced v nice pork and lamb