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Correct, although I think this is potentially a little misleading for two reasons. First, housing prices didn't start to feel the effects of higher interest rates until May or June of 2022. Decking Second, and this one is anecdotal, I live in one of these orange counties and the types of houses being listed have also changed in the last year. There's fewer people listing there 80-year-old craftsman houses, and a higher proportion of brand new McMansions on the market, but the total number of units is way down.

Edit: Speech-to-text somehow turned "second" into "decking".


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Yet the ten game win streak correlates with their offensive improvements, right? This has been a trend for decades. Hell, I wrote about this in grad school and started my professional career off that project. The - at the time - ten highest scoring teams in NFL history had all finished .750 or better, but only one of them had won the Super Bowl up to that point. In the playoffs, and I suspect this is due to good defenses appearing to be more consistent than good offenses, defense became a better indicator of success. For instance, in 2010 the top two defenses were Pittsburgh and Green Bay, who played each other in the Super Bowl that year. Top two offenses? San Diego and New England who combined for zero playoff wins that year.