halpscar t1_j3e3mf5 wrote

On the subject of internet -

Do not trust the nice call center people at whatever telco to be able to tell you if an address gets broadband. Similarly do not trust realtors. Their maps paint in broad strokes. If you're going for wireless, pay for the company to assess before purchasing property. No exp w satellite I guess it's an option too.

Look into ECfiber, or Vtel for the mid to southern VT areas - if you're not into the Burlington realm those are gonna be your best bet (fiber to the home, fairly turnkey). Rutland, Brattleboro, Barre/Montp will be Comcast or Consolidated - ask the neighbors.

'Somewhat friendly' by VT standards may differ to 'somewhat friendly' by southern standards, lol - but coops, unitarians, libraries can be good indicators of community verve.