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I’d stick to the websites of reputable institutions. For example, if you want diet advice, try the American Heart Association’s website. That will summarize the current state of the research in a format accessible to the general population.

Anyone writing books is making a living by selling something.


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Move west - earthquakes and fires, expensive

Move north - blizzards, also freezing my toes off eight months of the year

Move east - hurricanes, expensive

Move south - Mexico

Hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires damage everything across a wide area, but tornadoes are so slender that the odds of one hitting me personally are pretty low. I’m safer where I am.


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Other way around. Mothers are more likely to have daughters when the food supply is low. Females are hardier, are more resistant to famine and disease, and live longer. Mothers are more likely to have sons when they are living in plenty, because sons are less likely to survive childhood and require greater resources to grow taller and stronger.






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Breast milk evolves with the baby. The fat and other nutrient concentration changes as the baby gets older. Also, if the baby is sick, the breast milk will contain antibodies to help fight off the disease.

We don’t really know how the mother’s body senses these changes and adapts the milk. And we don’t have a good way to store antibodies in formula on a shelf somewhere for several months.

We could probably get pretty close by further breaking down formula into stages: 0-3 month milk, 3-6 month milk, etc. But that adds a lot of complexity for very little improvement in quality.


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Our online store won’t run transactions from Afghanistan. We had a potential customer yesterday asking if we could create a manual order for him, and I ended up spending 15 minutes trying to decipher the current state of sanctions before we decided we had to decline.

So I’m no legal expert but I’m also in the “pretty sure it’s like super mega illegal” camp.