handsomehares t1_jcu807w wrote

The two sports are comparable by the eye test but otherwise the different dynamics of the ball make it wildly different.

Pro baseball players would struggle more against a softball pitch because they don’t train for that. Same the other way around. Doing something you’re not used to inherently means you’re not going to be as good as something you train for. It doesn’t necessarily correlate with difficulty or skill levels.


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Baseball doesn’t sub as many people in, as a rule.

Imagine they had subbed her in when up so much, would it then be viewed as a stunt because she’d have no real impact on the game?

Equity only works in some situations, she’s playing for equality and equality looks like riding the bench for a lot of the players. Good enough to sit on the bench but maybe not good enough for this game right here right now in this moment.

Even if it is virtue signaling … sometimes that’s necessary just to get the narrative moving.


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Fashion is weird today.

When I was in school (90s) you would be made fun of incessantly for not wearing the cool clothes.

Now my son is in school and I’m trying to avoid that for him and everyone just wears crocs and sweatpants. It’s like the “I just rolled out of bed with a 103 fever and shit myself” aesthetic is the thing.