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I get the criticism of zoos, but it’s worth noting that they’re not all bad. In this instance, the tortoises are critically endangered due to the illegal pet trade, so putting them back out in the wild is most likely a death sentence for them, or they’ll end up in the pet trade where they won’t be able to be a part of reproduction/repopulation efforts.

There’s also this:

> A portion of each Zoo membership and admission goes toward helping the Zoo’s partners in Madagascar replant wildlife habitat to save animals in the wild.

From the zoo’s site.

Having animals in captivity purely for entertainment/profit is objectively bad. Having them in captivity because they’d otherwise be extinct (at the hands of people) is less bad.


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I don’t think our minds are capable of knowing and/or understanding how the universe came to be… But I have to ask, why do religious people (I’m not calling you out, OP) think science needs to have an answer, but when asked where an omnipresent/omnipotent creator came from, they think it’s okay to say “He just has always been.”

Who knows how it all happened. I wish we could know, and maybe it was some inexplicable god, but we need to leave religions beind.


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That’s one piece, and a piece that this episode expanded upon by showing how long they had been working together/friends (over a decade).

Then there’s Bill’s note, which made the loss of Tess even heavier, but reenforced the idea that he shouldn’t be helping Ellie just because of a potential cure, but because people like them (Bill and Joel) are their to protect others, something he will feel even more compelled to do given his “failure” protecting Tess.

All of that from one beautifully crafted episode. I haven’t played the game(s), and I think they’re doing a great job of building Joel’s character and allowing the viewer to not just see him change, but also why he’s changing.


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No, this is saying that there is an incredibly low risk of myocarditis following vaccination, but that a COVID infection is still significantly worse. OP knows that 90% people of Redditors will only read the headline and go “There, see… vaccine bad!

That last part is the “misinformation, and it can be considered such because OP has a history of doing such things.


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NSAIDs do not target inflammation. They are delivered systemically and bind to certain molecules present in enzymes that are more abundant at the site of inflammation, inhibiting further production of prostaglandins and reducing inflammation.

In other words, it is more of a passive effect from systemic delivery, but it is not targeting. “Targeting” would imply that the medicine is taken and then goes to a specific location to create an effect; that is not what is happening here.

Even with localized delivery (e.g. steroidal anti-inflammatories), it’s more that a higher concentration is being delivered to the site and directly passing/binding whichever receptor it’s designed for, rather than wandering around until it finds what it needs, so to speak.