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And coming into the office stops people from being opportunists and fucking around on the job? That shit happens all the time. Either way you can let them go and hire people who will do the job.


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No one shit on people with vocational jobs have to work on-site because of the nature of their job until they lashed out at us like the guy above.

Do you see anyone in here shitting on plumbers or auto repair workers? No, we're shitting on rich CEOs and egomaniacal control-freak bosses.


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You can't be proved right either because we have nothing to compare the full-week-at-the-office to, so it's just as meaningless. The economy is in the toilet, productively is abysmal, and people are miserable, there's your evidence.


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Oh well isn't that convenient... but we won't be able to ever get that data because we all need to get back to the office in the meantime right?

If that data is meaningless then so is the data about working at the office, because we have nothing to compare it to. Working in the office could be the worst way to conduct business, but I guess we'll never know.


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As opposed to the 2040 where due to crime there are no more stores left in your neighborhood except for one 10 blocks away where you have to show ID, they only let one person in at a time, the cashier is behind bullet proof glass, and every single item is locked up and requires a staff member to open it...


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Yeah true, but from what I can remember the connections are a very small part of the plot and don't really affect things in the actual show much - you have to kind of be looking for it to show up. You could watch each whole season independently without even realizing those characters are connected and you wouldn't feel like you missed anything.