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The fact is Connecticut's government just wants to do everything it can to prevent any type of gun ownership.

Connecticut: Weed is illegal federally, but we will allow dispensaries to open and sell it recreationally

Also Connecticut: Owning guns and using weed is illegal we must enforce these laws.

It's already one of the most expensive states to obtain a permit, which must be held to purchase any firearm or ammunition. Also the state law says that police departments have 60 days to approve or deny a permit application but multiple governors and attorney generals have shown no interest in enforcing this law on police departments. Some process the paperwork promptly and you have your permit in 2 weeks. Some sit on it for 6 months or longer.


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Oh Hey, I didn't see it was Senator Duff who posted this. You've been pinged in a lot of stuff lately. Why don't you ever come here except to basically post puff pieces for yourself?